Be that girl - Mc

Be that girl - Mc

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Cursed Day?

Worst Day~!!!! Is it been curse after reading book of The Curse Workers series? lol.... moody la...

Injured my leg at the lakeside... when i went to the Medical Center, the people said that many people have been injured at the same place.. so, is it the place is been curse? so ngam that all people fall down at the stairs there??

My leg is totally no image d... >< plus it is really hard & painful to walk.. so maybe i have to skip class this few days again... ishhhhh... y every time i was injured in wrong time? Fri i have exam, Sat have to do Food Documentary, den teaching dance for this sun event, next week have two presentation... how can i make it without my leg?? really pek cek... TT

So now i just have to wait until Wednesday night to check whether my leg had recover or not.. if not??? ~>_<~

Done by Medical Center of my school..

went to see doctor and finally become like this...