Be that girl - Mc

Be that girl - Mc

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love Sat~

Sat we stil going play badminton..
but our team juz me & ting~
other is 1st time cum wif us
my legs was injured few days ago..
mum sure dun wan let me go lo..
but i lie tat my leg was recovered~
so our badminton plan stil going~
me & ting oways pk~
den ken & jess bcum flower pot..
juz stand bside watching us~
the situasion quite funny~
the ken ho..
so noisy~
saying me or ''bao'' de name~
& make us laugh til no energy play~
pek cek nya~
but we all hav a enjoyable time~

den we go ''lan se wu ding'' eat~
ting aledi eat finish but we stil havnt start to enjoy our meal~
so fast lerhx...
me, jess & ping cant eat finish de food..
no feel to eat~
ting belanja us drink water
after tat we go ''wo jia zha ji''
ken belanja us eat ice-blended~
den we all go bac to court~
we rest at the pondok nearby~
wad stupid action i done it..
no1 let me go out..
den i step on the chair go out~
sia sui lerhx~

left 4 of us...
so boring & no energy to play badminton d~
den we plan to go kp gai gai~
2 boy carried all the thing~
den ting belanja us go to play bowling
me duno how to play la..
dun ask me go..
however stil let them force to play~
my result .. not bad la..
juz the ball too heavy..
i miss the ball from my hand..
& tat time ken & ting was prepared to record video~
pek cek~

after play bowling
ken stil say wan belanja us go circus..
dun wan la..
u 2 boy oways belanja belanja..
make us so paiseh~
den faster run to circus~
me & jess change the token 1st~
den sure is play bkb lo....
me & jess de result no bad la..
bt when i solo myself..
oways miss 2 marks go to next round~
den ting oso play himself~
he play till pek cek~
simply shot the bkb~
Ken go to play dancing de..
quite funny~
i belanja them to eat ice-cream~
ting accompany us wait car~
den all bye bye d~

now my leg bcum more serious d lo..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

birthday photo~

Bear Bear~
Look lik a business man?^^

Street dance shoes~ present by scout & guide
& some lovely fren~

me & bear bear~

present by classmate

necklace & ear ring

present by classmate~

creamy cake~!!!

Chao Sheng & Jun He~
We at Station 1~

Khee long & Kah yin

Mc & Jun He

Jesslyn & Chao Sheng
they match? haha

Cc & JH
leng lui & leng zai~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

hate lik tis de me..

195.. sry~ really very sry~
u wan bit me oso can~
i will accept it
i should not release my unhappy 2 u..
stil pain?
really sry T.T

i oso duno y i will lik tis..
tis is the 1st time..
i slap a person..
still got so many ppl in thr..
wad was me going on?
hate me bcum lik tis~

how can let myself return to happy?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


thx for wishing me & the present ya~

scout & guide:
Yin Scene,Shin ning,Ee Mun,Jesslyn,Sze Yeen,MengPei,Hwa Wey
Siao Hui,Eevy,Xin Ting,Jing Jie,Wei Wei,Jing Lin
Yew Hong,How Tze,Ping Rui

Xiang Ling,Yuen Yee,Wei Lyn

Voon Pin,Kwee Ru,Jing Min

My classmate~!!!!
Benjamin,Meng Loon,Mr.Cy,Chuang Liong,Kuan Yew
Afandi,ChunHui,Shuen Wei,Jia Jie
Wei Thien,Xue Ying,SoHwa,Jie En,Chiew Theng,Jia Er,Yii Ing,Bsin,Shue Xin
Shirley,Shu Thing,Se Hui,Pei Ee,Pei Pei,Sook Yee,Wan Khim,Joo Yuan

thx for u all~

nitez go station 1~
thx for the celebration..
tat prepare by Jun He,Chao Sheng,Carene,Kah Yin,Khee Long
gan dong lerhx....
but.. can dun wan play cream onot..
im wif a creamy hair & face..
wuuuuuu sia sui lerhx~
den suddenly light of station1 close up~
Band gor gor & jie start sing birthday song to me..
wif guitar tooo
still will chit chat wif us~
thx for the band gor gor & jie jie~
thx for the birthday song & wishes~
den we play 积木
Jun He lose d~
b4 went bac home~
sure is ss take photo la..
unforgetable nitez~