Be that girl - Mc

Be that girl - Mc

Friday, August 28, 2009

6M'05 gathering

6M'of gathering
23 are attend it~

1st we go pola's parents open de shop
eat bah kut teh~
Sheng Yi Bah Kut Teh~
any1 interest?
den so suprise when saw somebody~
some ppl r change~

After eat Bah Kut Teh
we all go aeon bukit tinggi sing K
but when we go, no room d..
den we go play video games..
the most is basketball..
me & Yi Shun together a team~
we boom the record
3pm we faster go book the green box again~
finally got room..
but all nid i-c
got ic RM9
no ic RM20
got somebody din bring lo..
den faster go borrow..
i use teng de to lend other ==

den boy so diam
beh tahan them..
almost all gal sing..
den actualy tdy i got tuition
ee mun folow my transport
b4 going bac..
we all sing birthday song to ee mun
cuz she 1st of september birthday~
celebrate wif her earlier~
den meng zjun them oso go buy present 4 her
she gan dong lerhx..

im so emo when go bac..
i wan gathering wif them...
suddenly jess call me..
Sugu cancel de class
den we faster go bac aeon again
continue sing K
turn of 离开地球表面
all high till jump on the chair..
san lu stil not sengaja pour the water XD
丢掉手表 丢外套
丢掉背包 再丢唠叨 !!!
so high lerhx..

after tat..
all take photo..
all ss..
den after sending photo~
all bac liao..
den ee mun & me continue go play basketball
den got a smal boy..
broke the record till gao lat~
he juz below standard 3 ( i think so)
almost 百发百中


1. How old were you when you had your first relationship?

2. Are you taken/single?
Single.. XD

3. Do you like anyone right now?
duno... ==

4. Ever had your heartbroken?
yup~ i wil try not let myself repeat the same mistake to let myself hurt again

5. Miss anyone right now?
erm.. yaya.. ^^

6. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
Pola... abt our gathering~

7. Last person to text you?
hwa wey.. ask me abt meeting

8. Last person you saw?
ee mun.. juz bac from gathering~

9. What was the last thing you said to someone
Bye Bye.. XD

10. Who is top in your top friends?
top? many~

11. Who do you trust the most in your life?
erm.. confused~

12. Who do you love most?
oso duno...

13. Ever been in love?

14. Who has hurt you the most?
quite many~ T.T

15. Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?

16. Are you happy?
when out of my home & school

17. How many good friends do you have?

18. Are there some songs you can't listen to because they remind you of someone?
sure~ can mis of him,fren & many

19. Have you ever cheated on a partner?
when wanna release the hand..

20. Have you ever cheated on?

21. Ever been told someone loved you?

22. Ever told someone you loved them and meant it?
ya~ when joking~^^

23. What is your idea of true love?
make me smile
make me cry
make me hapi
make me sad
make me good
make me bad
make me worry
wateva i make it.. u will accept it~
accept all the good & bad

24. Do you believe in love at first sight?

25. Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
it's better~


tdy go eng ann court play badminton
den i jio the bekas scout ketua or klang utama scout-Aaron
he bring the new troop leader-Chao Sheng come along..
we all so sampat..
den juz realize Chao sheng is same primary skul wif me..
he rmb me..
but im not..
let him scold liao lo..
say me no heart de..
oways let him suan siao..
kolian dai~
after play 4hour 15min..
all hungry liao..
we go mahmudah eat lo...
chao sheng bu shuang their service
den Aaron so diam..
almost we all wif chao sheng ss..
after eat..
we say some joke lo..
stil chat abt primary skul de fren
den bac to court continue play..
banana cum play wif us..
gan jiong~
continue play 1-2hour..
so shuang~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 hour famine~ 下

add on something..
we play some games..

at the end..
chop answer turn 小明 to 小玲haha..
suddenly a boy change to gal
his mandarin not so gud~

we hav a discussion abt a little small gal, Fatimah
when she stil small
her parents sold her to a guy to get money..
her family poor but thr was 9 member in it..
her parents cant make other decision & sold her..
but luckily..
Fatimah have the chance to continue her study~
in the discussion..
we all & chop comfirm simon is 扮猪吃老虎
argue the opinion especially wif xinting..==

im the father 一家之主
me really mong cha cha d..
duno wan how..
all busy build up home wif newspaper
go work to earn money..
& many more..
still wan run away from polis if u work (黑工)
quite funny

b4 slp..
the dewan got on the air-con
den simon feel so cold..
den he wear mask,jacket,stocking, bla bla..
is it really cold till lik tat?

bukit jalil..
actually we are so sienz to listen emcee say word
many ppl oso slp liao..
left hand side is jesslyn,xin ting,esther,chop,pei ee,simon
right hand side is zhan yee,chuan liang,yew hong,how tze
nice memory~

Chicken Chop & Mong Cha Cha

Mc & Simon

Sunday, August 23, 2009

30 hour famine~

30 hour famine~
my group leader
chicken chop.. chop chop chop

actually din feel hungry or wad
at chung hua primary skul..
me oso duno the time pass so fast..
play games..
den time over liao..
after tat many artist cum~

``dt flame dancers

at night..
all siao eh..
me,ht,yh,wq go fight for pillow..
nice memory~

say dun wan slp..
wan go ''tan xian''
after tat
all oso slp liao..
chat till 4am juz slp..
morning 5am wake up
gan jiong..
they say mayb got senaman ma..
so early wake up..
dun wan rabut toilet wif other..
no1 wake up..
go kacao other..
but they oso continue slp
pek cek..
so me & yee go prepare byself lo..

simon so funny..
he dun wan wake up
den i go take photo wif flash..
he suddenly jump up..
cuz he think aledi open de light
& nid prepare liao
but after he noe is me take photo..
he direct continue slp

we got stadium bukit jalil..
cold lerhx..
oways change place change place..
den zhan yee sit beside me
all very tired..
many ppl oso slp in bukit jalil..
den we massage each other..
=.='' pek cek ya..

chuan liang them juz wan c luo yi shi..
miss her so much
den other artist dun wan chap them
juz wait luo yi shi..
siao kia..
most high part is when a mei lo..
whole bukit jalil lik hav ''di zhen''
gan jiong~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NIck name~


oways u find 4 me..

tdy my turn la..



nice nice~


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bukit Kuda girl guide will have a majlis perpisahan
limited places for 25 ppl in a troop~
hope tat many junior can join it la..
so near onli..

Hua Ren camp + skill competition
i wish to go..
but 8 competition..
all very hard~
& nid many ppl~
tis camp wil be quite expensive
cuz at johor..
but oso hope tat many ppl can support it la..
juz take an experience~
& try to join all the competition lo..
it's a big camp~

Yuk Choy anniversary..
pek cek~
cant go..
cuz crash time with Hua Ren camp
so sory to them
cuz me inform the ppl incharge to send letter to me..
many times d..
& gud luck for u all de anniversary~

Seri Sentosa..
when really will be held?
so excited to go lerhx..
last year is cuz of happen some accident..
all muz take care & be careful ya~
hope will hear ss news soon~

Saturday, August 15, 2009


im forcing myself to say out all my feeling
last time i scare frenship break..
but now really nid say out all the thing..
im not lik u all..
wan say wad..
den juz say..

is it really cuz of tat causes?
if u all think lik tat..
den u all really duno wad im really thinking
so dissapointed at u all..
if juz cuz of u shuang
den make the decision
do u think abt the future?

im so yuan wang..
im really!.. sure! 4 tat problem
juz cuz of jealous?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

mood sibeh down..

i stil havnt have the semangat
to face all the thing..
no use de me..
really duno wan how to face it~
last year is no yakin of myself..
tis time..
i noe myself no use..
but can respect to me?

sick jorrr..
bad sick..
sometimes hope tat get H1N1
so nonit go think so many thing
nonit go chap it..

Monday, August 10, 2009


Tdy having meeting..
1st meeting after our agm..
can say quite pek cek la..
duno wan how to say..
really having many problem now..
between f2,f3 & f4
aledi dun wan go think f5 de problem liao
head pain a..
all form muz gambate la..
f2 pls be respect to snr
f3 dun think so much & do ur best
f4 juz can say gambate & good luck la..

tis really is my favourite thing
feel very hapi & enjoy to prepare & do it..
wanna combine?
do u all think properly d?
XXX not agree..
klang area tuan oso dun let..
is it we still nid continue it?
i dun mind~
juz if wan combine
i wish to giv all ppl an enjoyable campfire~
all agree..
& all muz try ur very very best to do it~
no argue no bu shuang~

is it im suppose to get ketua eksekutif & ketua sosial?
1st time to do..
nid incharge of all uniform thing..
tis really siao liao..
tis is my favourite thing..
very hapi to get tis post
but now..
i really scare i din hav kuasa to do anything abt tis..
really really scare..
all thing lik non of my buiness..
so sad abt it~

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Ketua Pasukan: Tan Yin Scene
P.Ketua Pasukan: Kong Ee Mun
Ketua Disiplin: Ang Pei Ee
Setiausha: Teo Shin Ning
P.Setiausaha 1: Chia Ee Vy
P.Setiausaha 2: Lee Xin Ting
Bendahari: Ang Jesslyn
P.Bendahari: Loh Siao Hui
Ketua Eksekutif: Lim Mei Chwen
P.K Eksekutif: Lee Wei Teng
Quarter Mistress 1: Vong Sze Yeen
Quarter Mistress 2: Gan Hwa Wey
Ketua Sosial 1: Ang Pei ee
Ketua Sosial 2: Lim Mei Chwen
Patrol Leader Bougainvillea: Carene Chua
Patrol Leader Hibiscus: Gan Jing Lin
Patrol Leader Lily: Heng Wei Wei
Patrol Leader Orchid: Khoo Jing Jie

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


nowadays so many ppl sick..
cham lerhxx...
all muz take care ya~

ANTI H1N1~!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

wad happen on us?

y every time go any camp or campfire or mut
will get scold?
y every time we get punishment?
every time say simply play..
but r we?
but im really duno wad mistake had we done..
y hav so many problem recently..
pek cek!!!

1 badge call me do tis..
i continue it ..
but get scold by another badge..
wad's wrong?

all bad new abt us is rolling btwn many skul..
is it my false???!!!
i juz tell wad news i get

a snr tat letak jawatan..
tis is cause of wad???
cant say causes not including of u all..
i din feel tat f2 do any wrong
call she cum attend agm
tis nothing wrong!!
she oso is our snr..
ONCE A xxx, OWAYS A xxx!
tis word is say for fun onli?

wad should i do?

how will settle all tis problem?