Be that girl - Mc

Be that girl - Mc

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Love Sat~

Sat we stil going play badminton..
but our team juz me & ting~
other is 1st time cum wif us
my legs was injured few days ago..
mum sure dun wan let me go lo..
but i lie tat my leg was recovered~
so our badminton plan stil going~
me & ting oways pk~
den ken & jess bcum flower pot..
juz stand bside watching us~
the situasion quite funny~
the ken ho..
so noisy~
saying me or ''bao'' de name~
& make us laugh til no energy play~
pek cek nya~
but we all hav a enjoyable time~

den we go ''lan se wu ding'' eat~
ting aledi eat finish but we stil havnt start to enjoy our meal~
so fast lerhx...
me, jess & ping cant eat finish de food..
no feel to eat~
ting belanja us drink water
after tat we go ''wo jia zha ji''
ken belanja us eat ice-blended~
den we all go bac to court~
we rest at the pondok nearby~
wad stupid action i done it..
no1 let me go out..
den i step on the chair go out~
sia sui lerhx~

left 4 of us...
so boring & no energy to play badminton d~
den we plan to go kp gai gai~
2 boy carried all the thing~
den ting belanja us go to play bowling
me duno how to play la..
dun ask me go..
however stil let them force to play~
my result .. not bad la..
juz the ball too heavy..
i miss the ball from my hand..
& tat time ken & ting was prepared to record video~
pek cek~

after play bowling
ken stil say wan belanja us go circus..
dun wan la..
u 2 boy oways belanja belanja..
make us so paiseh~
den faster run to circus~
me & jess change the token 1st~
den sure is play bkb lo....
me & jess de result no bad la..
bt when i solo myself..
oways miss 2 marks go to next round~
den ting oso play himself~
he play till pek cek~
simply shot the bkb~
Ken go to play dancing de..
quite funny~
i belanja them to eat ice-cream~
ting accompany us wait car~
den all bye bye d~

now my leg bcum more serious d lo..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

birthday photo~

Bear Bear~
Look lik a business man?^^

Street dance shoes~ present by scout & guide
& some lovely fren~

me & bear bear~

present by classmate

necklace & ear ring

present by classmate~

creamy cake~!!!

Chao Sheng & Jun He~
We at Station 1~

Khee long & Kah yin

Mc & Jun He

Jesslyn & Chao Sheng
they match? haha

Cc & JH
leng lui & leng zai~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

hate lik tis de me..

195.. sry~ really very sry~
u wan bit me oso can~
i will accept it
i should not release my unhappy 2 u..
stil pain?
really sry T.T

i oso duno y i will lik tis..
tis is the 1st time..
i slap a person..
still got so many ppl in thr..
wad was me going on?
hate me bcum lik tis~

how can let myself return to happy?

Thursday, October 1, 2009


thx for wishing me & the present ya~

scout & guide:
Yin Scene,Shin ning,Ee Mun,Jesslyn,Sze Yeen,MengPei,Hwa Wey
Siao Hui,Eevy,Xin Ting,Jing Jie,Wei Wei,Jing Lin
Yew Hong,How Tze,Ping Rui

Xiang Ling,Yuen Yee,Wei Lyn

Voon Pin,Kwee Ru,Jing Min

My classmate~!!!!
Benjamin,Meng Loon,Mr.Cy,Chuang Liong,Kuan Yew
Afandi,ChunHui,Shuen Wei,Jia Jie
Wei Thien,Xue Ying,SoHwa,Jie En,Chiew Theng,Jia Er,Yii Ing,Bsin,Shue Xin
Shirley,Shu Thing,Se Hui,Pei Ee,Pei Pei,Sook Yee,Wan Khim,Joo Yuan

thx for u all~

nitez go station 1~
thx for the celebration..
tat prepare by Jun He,Chao Sheng,Carene,Kah Yin,Khee Long
gan dong lerhx....
but.. can dun wan play cream onot..
im wif a creamy hair & face..
wuuuuuu sia sui lerhx~
den suddenly light of station1 close up~
Band gor gor & jie start sing birthday song to me..
wif guitar tooo
still will chit chat wif us~
thx for the band gor gor & jie jie~
thx for the birthday song & wishes~
den we play 积木
Jun He lose d~
b4 went bac home~
sure is ss take photo la..
unforgetable nitez~

Saturday, September 26, 2009


(1) 请老实的回答每一个问题。
(2) 不行擅自塗改題目。
(3) 写完请点10位小朋友,不可不点。
(4) 点完后请通知那10位小朋友他被点到了。被点到的:

1.Ee Mun
3.Hor Yean
4.Jia qian
6.Mei Shin
8.Pei pei
9.Sze Yeen
10.Shue Xin

01-[ 4号认识6号吗? ]: Yup
02-[ 10号是男还是女? ]: Gurl gurl
03-[ 8号的兴趣是? ]: monkey~
04-[ 1号有没有兄弟姐妹? ]: Got
05-[ 7号姓氏? ]: oppssss...
06-[ 10号人缘好吗? ]: quite gud
07-[ 4号有人追吗? ]: gt ba~
08-[ 承上2号呢? ]: ????
09-[ 6号喜欢的颜色是? ]: dunno?==
10-[ 3号和10号是朋友吗? ]: nop~
11-[ 8号的生日是? ]: 3 dec
12-[ 5号读哪呢? ]: SM Kwang Hua
13-[ 你怎么认识10号的? ]: Classmate
14-[ 你跟1号的生日差几个月? ]: 1 month..she open & me close~
15-[ 你和9号有出去玩过吗? ]: juz activities..
16-[ 你喜欢和2号聊天吗? ]: ok lo
17-[ 你喜欢和3号在一起吗? ]: long time din saw her
18-[ 你觉得7号人怎么样? ]: cutie
19-[ 你觉得9号人怎么样? ]: nice gal~
20-[ 你爱5号吗? ]: my primary fren~ miss her

1. 是谁传給你这份问卷的: Jia Yie siao po
2. 你们认识多久呢: tis year nia~
3. 你觉得他(她)对你來说很重要吗: important for guide
4. 你与他(她)的关系是: Senior & junior
5. 你觉得他(她)的个性如何: ss~
6. 请问他(她)的兴趣是: SS, be a siao po.. take photo
7. 他(她)在你心目中是几分: elek~

問 :夏天去海边玩 看到比基尼辣妹会
答 : woooo... im not les
問 : 當你在更衣室沖水 门忽然被打开了你会
答 : walao.. kns~
問 : 海中忽然大浪來襲后 你发现比基尼小姐上身泳裝被沖掉了 你会
答 : wakaka~ laugh laugh
問 : 去海边玩会使用咩交通工具
答 : Car..^^
問 : 你突然发现沒帶泳裝 泳衣你会買吗
答 : Maybe gua
問 : 会用防晒乳吗答 : Mayb~
問 : 回去时 发现有其他遊客手机沒拿 你会觉得是哪牌子的
答 : Sony Erison
問 : 海边对你來说是
答 : shuang~!!
問 : 看到镜子 会不由自主的向前吗
答 : YES~!
問 : 经常用洗面乳吗
答 : YA!!^^
問 : 说到自恋会想到谁
答 : Simon~
問 : 有人说该減肥了 你会
答 : shut up~
問 : 自恋 適合你吗
答 : duno worr


1.Ee Mun
3.Hor Yean
4.Jia qian
6.Mei Shin
8.Pei pei
9.Sze Yeen
10.Shue Xin

* 你常笑吗: YEA..
* 你喜欢去哪兒玩: out of home can d~
* 去玩时喜欢一个人去吗:NO~ so lonely
* 如是假日时你都睡到几点: not sure~
* 今天的天气如何: so hot lerhx~
* 朋友和情人你会选择: c the situasion
* 机会和命运你会选择: Chance~
* 你很自恋吗: okok lo
* 你有穿过耳洞: yea!
* 你交过几个男(女)朋友: ..............
* 你有呛过老师吗: sure~ wakaka XD

Sunday, September 20, 2009


recently really gt many thing happen~
oso gt gud de..
wish im not juz simply think la..
cuz really scare tis all is juz a fake~
left 10 days..
will u do as ur promise?
excited lerhx~

combine camp choose new ajk d..
me really dun lik to do abt seni de pos d..
but hu wil understand?
if u really beh song
if u really wan let her go
let lo..i let her do better den u let me cum
den stil saying her infront of me
haizzz.. finally..
i still get a seni job~
design a t-shirt

b4 the agm..
i gt try to think..
if i realy get to design shirt
how wil i do?
i really scare to do tis job..
cuz last time..
i oso gt hear tat ppl complain abt shirt..
so scare tat i cant make it well & nice~
den all participants & ajk will bu shuang
scare lerhx...
but.. i wil try to complete my job
as well as i can~

Holidays d..
sometimes feel so sad..
when hear somebody go gaigai or watch movie together
but i din~
y wil lik tat...
i wan go out~!!!!!
but hu can i find?
tis not free..
tis go gaigai wif other d..

Friday, September 11, 2009


recently really happen many thing
oso can say
tis is a long time de problem
i din ever tell any1 about tis..
i meet EN
her situation almost same wif me
den i tell her smtg lo..

i tell Ben against
tis time really very beh tahan d..
chat 2 period..
cry 2 period..

when i juz can cum out of tis bad situation

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

mood bad~

oso duno y..
recently my mood so bad..
dun have mood to play
sry 4 those hu let me scold

exam oso cuming d..
sienz a...
duno wan how to face it..
all duno duno

Friday, August 28, 2009

6M'05 gathering

6M'of gathering
23 are attend it~

1st we go pola's parents open de shop
eat bah kut teh~
Sheng Yi Bah Kut Teh~
any1 interest?
den so suprise when saw somebody~
some ppl r change~

After eat Bah Kut Teh
we all go aeon bukit tinggi sing K
but when we go, no room d..
den we go play video games..
the most is basketball..
me & Yi Shun together a team~
we boom the record
3pm we faster go book the green box again~
finally got room..
but all nid i-c
got ic RM9
no ic RM20
got somebody din bring lo..
den faster go borrow..
i use teng de to lend other ==

den boy so diam
beh tahan them..
almost all gal sing..
den actualy tdy i got tuition
ee mun folow my transport
b4 going bac..
we all sing birthday song to ee mun
cuz she 1st of september birthday~
celebrate wif her earlier~
den meng zjun them oso go buy present 4 her
she gan dong lerhx..

im so emo when go bac..
i wan gathering wif them...
suddenly jess call me..
Sugu cancel de class
den we faster go bac aeon again
continue sing K
turn of 离开地球表面
all high till jump on the chair..
san lu stil not sengaja pour the water XD
丢掉手表 丢外套
丢掉背包 再丢唠叨 !!!
so high lerhx..

after tat..
all take photo..
all ss..
den after sending photo~
all bac liao..
den ee mun & me continue go play basketball
den got a smal boy..
broke the record till gao lat~
he juz below standard 3 ( i think so)
almost 百发百中


1. How old were you when you had your first relationship?

2. Are you taken/single?
Single.. XD

3. Do you like anyone right now?
duno... ==

4. Ever had your heartbroken?
yup~ i wil try not let myself repeat the same mistake to let myself hurt again

5. Miss anyone right now?
erm.. yaya.. ^^

6. Who was the last person you sent a text to?
Pola... abt our gathering~

7. Last person to text you?
hwa wey.. ask me abt meeting

8. Last person you saw?
ee mun.. juz bac from gathering~

9. What was the last thing you said to someone
Bye Bye.. XD

10. Who is top in your top friends?
top? many~

11. Who do you trust the most in your life?
erm.. confused~

12. Who do you love most?
oso duno...

13. Ever been in love?

14. Who has hurt you the most?
quite many~ T.T

15. Has a tragedy ever happened in your life?

16. Are you happy?
when out of my home & school

17. How many good friends do you have?

18. Are there some songs you can't listen to because they remind you of someone?
sure~ can mis of him,fren & many

19. Have you ever cheated on a partner?
when wanna release the hand..

20. Have you ever cheated on?

21. Ever been told someone loved you?

22. Ever told someone you loved them and meant it?
ya~ when joking~^^

23. What is your idea of true love?
make me smile
make me cry
make me hapi
make me sad
make me good
make me bad
make me worry
wateva i make it.. u will accept it~
accept all the good & bad

24. Do you believe in love at first sight?

25. Do you believe that it is best to have a friendship first then love?
it's better~


tdy go eng ann court play badminton
den i jio the bekas scout ketua or klang utama scout-Aaron
he bring the new troop leader-Chao Sheng come along..
we all so sampat..
den juz realize Chao sheng is same primary skul wif me..
he rmb me..
but im not..
let him scold liao lo..
say me no heart de..
oways let him suan siao..
kolian dai~
after play 4hour 15min..
all hungry liao..
we go mahmudah eat lo...
chao sheng bu shuang their service
den Aaron so diam..
almost we all wif chao sheng ss..
after eat..
we say some joke lo..
stil chat abt primary skul de fren
den bac to court continue play..
banana cum play wif us..
gan jiong~
continue play 1-2hour..
so shuang~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 hour famine~ 下

add on something..
we play some games..

at the end..
chop answer turn 小明 to 小玲haha..
suddenly a boy change to gal
his mandarin not so gud~

we hav a discussion abt a little small gal, Fatimah
when she stil small
her parents sold her to a guy to get money..
her family poor but thr was 9 member in it..
her parents cant make other decision & sold her..
but luckily..
Fatimah have the chance to continue her study~
in the discussion..
we all & chop comfirm simon is 扮猪吃老虎
argue the opinion especially wif xinting..==

im the father 一家之主
me really mong cha cha d..
duno wan how..
all busy build up home wif newspaper
go work to earn money..
& many more..
still wan run away from polis if u work (黑工)
quite funny

b4 slp..
the dewan got on the air-con
den simon feel so cold..
den he wear mask,jacket,stocking, bla bla..
is it really cold till lik tat?

bukit jalil..
actually we are so sienz to listen emcee say word
many ppl oso slp liao..
left hand side is jesslyn,xin ting,esther,chop,pei ee,simon
right hand side is zhan yee,chuan liang,yew hong,how tze
nice memory~

Chicken Chop & Mong Cha Cha

Mc & Simon